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Make your personalized messages and drawings come alive and share them with your friends. They will see a replay of whatever you draw.

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A Screeny is an animated drawing or a message which you create using your mouse. A number of brushes are provided which can be used to create your Screeny. Once your Screeny is done, you will be given a URL which you can share with the people you want to see your Screeny.


At the bottom of the screen, you will see the colours which you can use. You can set the line or fill colour of the current brush by clicking on the line/fill colour buttons and then clicking on the desired colour. The background colour can be changed by clicking on the backgound colour button and then selecting the colour you want. Note: when you change the background colour, your drawing will be erased.


On the left side of the screen, you will see the brushes which are available. More brushes will be added in the future.

Special Colour Modes

You can toggle rainbow mode and two colour mode on and off. Rainbow mode will draw in random colours. Two Colour mode will draw in your currently selected line and fill colours randomly.


At the top of the screen, you will see the current amount of time that your Screeny takes to draw. The greater the time value, the bigger the Screeny and the longer it will take to save and download. You should try to keep the time taken as low as possible.


To the top of the screen, you will see an option to pause the timer. Anything you draw while the timer is paused will be immediately drawn when the Screeny is played back. You can press the P Key to pause as well. You should pause when changing brushes or colours.


You can press the X button to the upper left of the screen to Save your Screeny and exit. You can give your screeny a name and a password. The password is optional. Screenies without passwords can be viewed by everyone. If you want to prevent everyone from viewing your Screeny, you should password protect it.


After you save your Screeny, you will be presented with the URL that can be used to view it. Share this URL with your friends to enable them to see your Screeny. Clicking on the Copy URL button will copy the URL to your clipboard and you can then paste it wherever you want.


Spacebar - Clears the screen in the current Background colour.
P - Pause the timer.


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